Bingham Vape Bar

The most recent Cloud 57 store to open it’s doors on Nottingham grounds is the Bingham Vape Bar, which offically opened in August 2019 in the little cosy market town that is Bingham. Compared to Dunkirk and West Bridgford, Bingham is a little way away from Nottingham City Centre.

Nevertheless, Bingham Vape Bar has a unique look from the other two stores. The reason? Well, it looks like a bar which gives Bingham it’s uniqueness to any other vape store you’ll find.

Before the pandemic hit the UK, Bingham Vape Bar was the place to go if you wanted to have a nice sit down with one of our staff members and enjoy the vape life.

Unfortunately, during Covid we could not keep that going due to maintaining the safety of our customers and staff. Now with Covid restrictions being scrapped and the country getting itself back to normal, we still have seating in the vape bar for people who want to have a sit down and a vape sesh.

You won’t be disappointed when you try our comfy stools and nice leather sofas .

bingham vape bar
bingham vape bar
bingham vape bar coffee

What Does Bingham Vape Bar Offer?

Like our other Cloud 57 vape stores Bingham Vape Bar offers you an aethestically pleasing visit with top of the range hardware and the best premium e-liquid on the market. It also offers you a nice hot coffee or even a hot chocolate.

The hardware you can see at our shop includes;



Vape kits


Pod kits


Feel free to pop in and speak to our friendly staff who will be more than happy to help you with whatever you’re looking for. They will be sure to make sure you walk away satisfied with your purchase.

You’ll be one happy cloud blowing vaper that’s for sure.

Meet the Shop Staff

Charlie meet the team 3


Shop Manager

Hi, my name is Charlie aka Charles, I’ve been into vaping for a good 5 years now. I enjoy playing on my Xbox, watching football (you reds), watching F1 and going to the local for a pint or 2.

If you have any questions please feel free to use the contact form below and we will be more than happy to help.