Dunkirk - Beeston Vape Shop

The Cloud 57 Dunkirk Beeston Vape Shop was the first of it’s kind to appear on Nottingham grounds in 2016. Way before we had another two shops accompanying it, the Dunkirk Vape Shop was the staple of the Cloud 57 name to which we love and know now.

As it started, the shop gained attention across Nottingham City for it’s wide range of premium e-liquids and the best vape hardware on the market at that time. Also, we can’t forget it’s bright white and neon green interior, that has now been swapped for a more rustic wooden feeling that brings comfort to our customers. Only the real OG’s will remember those days!

To this day the Dunkirk Shop still strives stocking everything a happy vaper will need on a daily basis.

old dunkirk vape shop

From white and neon green to the new wooden rustic feel. We have for sure come a long way in style.

dunkirk beeston vape shop

What we Offer at Dunkirk Beeston Vape Shop

Here at Dunkirk Vape Shop we offer a range of premium e-liquid including our sister company’s Joe’s Juice e-liquid. You’ll also find other premium e-liquids like:


Zeus Juice

Just Juice


Custard Company

Cotton & Cable

We also sell the top of the range vape hardware, such as; kits, mods, tanks, coils, and replacement glass.

All accompanied with great customer service with a smile and cheeky coffee or cold drinks if you fancy.

Meet the Shop Staff

luke meet the team 2


Shop Manager

Hi, my name is Luke and I work over at the Cloud 57 Dunkirk shop. I’ve been in the vape industry for quite a while now and I continue to be vape crazy here at Cloud 57. In my spare time I create reefs for fish tanks and have made a bit of a small business from it!

If you have any questions or want to know anymore information then please feel free to get in contact using the contact form below!