West Bridgford Vape Lounge

The West Bridgford Vape Lounge first opened it’s doors in 2017 and it started off with a fresh new look from the Dunkirk Vape Shop. Bigger in size and located near the Nottingham Forest Ground it was the perfect place for someone to come chill out and blow clouds, hence why we named it, the vape lounge.

Packed full of the latest hardware and E-liquids, people swarmed in to get there hands on what the vape lounge had to offer. Did we mention that it also used to serve 200 degrees coffee and Doughnotts?

We have come a long way since 2017, however things could not be better! Although we don’t offer Doughnotts anymore, we do still serve freshly made coffee and luscious cold drinks.

Since the pandemic, vape shops across the nation have seen far less people wanting to sit indoors at their local vape shop, this is due to not offering any sample vapes and keeping in line with the Covid restrictions. Meaning people are not wanting to spend their time chilling in a vape shop.

However, that’s not to say we don’t allow it anymore. You’re more than welcome to come in and have a seat and chat to our friendly staff with a warm cup of joe.

old west bridgford

Aged like fine wine

new west bridgford vape lounge

What West Bridgford Vape Lounge Offers

All Cloud 57 stores offer the best of the best in the vape industry and every customer will walk away satisfied with their purchase. But what does the West Bridgford vape lounge offer that is different to the other Cloud 57 stores? As mentioned earlier, it’s a vape lounge so it has a cosy feeling as soon as you step through the door.

Now that Covid has come and gone with regulations being taken away, we do not ridicule anyone who wants to have a sit down in the store. With plenty comfortable stools you’re more than welcome to chill with our staff.

Picture this, you’re on your way to Nottingham Forest game but need a quick vape before the game? We’ve got you covered. We offer a large range of disposables so you can also use our West Bridgford vape lounge for your one stop shop for your match days out.

If you’re looking for more than just a disposable we also have you covered. We stock;

Vape Kits

Vape mods

Pod kits



CBD Products

Premium E-liquids

We also serve fresh coffee and cold drinks.

Meet the Shop Staff

jay meet the team


Shop Manager

Well, my name is Jay, I’ve been mad on vaping for a good 8 years now and motorbikes are my favourite hobby, but my neighbour’s aren’t so keen…

When I’m not working, I like being out on my bike as much as possible and having a nice cheeky beverage with my mates when the time is right. A nice hit on Crème Kong and a cold Budweiser goes down a treat 🙂


Shop Assistant

My name is Nathan, I’ve been vaping since 2016. Usually I stick to fruit and sweets flavoured vape liquids however I’m always looking for something new to take top spot. In my free time I enjoy gaming with friends

If you have any questions please feel free to use the contact form below and we will be more than happy to help.